Environmental Mining Projects

The following are brief synopses of several completed projects that represent only a fraction of the work performed by our professionals:

Brooklyn Mine and Mill, Colorado - AGS performed a CERCLA (Superfund) removal action for the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) at the Brooklyn Mine near Silverton, Colorado. this work included the excavation of 8,000 cubic yards of mine waste from steep slopes at an elevation of 11,000 feet. This material was excavated using 3 yard dragline, which was considered innovative by the USFS and allowed AGS to remove the waste rock from the steep slopes in a safe and cost-effective manner.

Carbonero Mill Tailings, Colorado - AGS conducted a review of the Engineering Evaluation/Cost Assessment (EE/CA) and tailings characterization of the Carbonero Mill tailings, located near Ophir, Colorado for the USFS. AGS evaluated the alternatives for implementation of a long-term solution at the site.

Canyon Creek Abandoned Mine Assessment, Colorado - AGS conducted an environmental assessment of hundreds of abandoned mine sites for environmental impact and selection for further remediation.

Howard Fork ARD Interception Study, Colorado - AGS was contracted by the Trust for Land Restoration to perform structural mapping to determine possible sources of water discharge from adits within a watershed. This included flow measurement monitoring and water sampling in conjunction with the EPA.

Ophir Valley AML Investigation, Colorado - AGS conducted a field investigation and risk assessments of none mine sites near Ophir, Colorado for the USFS, including water sampling of discharging mine adits and waste rock sampling from mine dumps.

Peru Creek Brownfield Assessment, Summit County, Colorado - AGS conducted the first Brownfield Assessment project for abandoned mine lands in the U.S.. this included an initial Phase I inspection of over 300 mine features which ranked all of the mine sites by environmental risk; five mine sites were selected for detailed Phase II work which included mapping, mine waste sampling, adit water and stream sampling. AGS prepared reports for both phase studies using a modified ASTM approach which allowed the project to be completed on time and within budget.

Red Hill Mine, Angels Camp, California - AGS conducted post-closure monitoring activities at a former talc mine, including surface and ground water sampling related to storm event observations in accordance with regional board mandates. Data was collected, downloaded and analyzed and quarterly and annual reports were submitted.

Royal Tiger Mine and Mill, Colorado - AGS conducted a review of the EE/CA for Summit County Open Space and Trails Dept. and the City of Breckenridge for applicability and suitability for implementation under the Voluntary Cleanup Act (VCUP) and identified, in consultation with Colorado Dept. of Public Health and Environment, a preferred methodology for site corrective action.

Shoe Basin Mine VCUP Closure, Colorado - AGS prepared a VCUP application and conducted remediation of a 4,000 cubic-yard waste rock dump of subgrade ore containing elevated concentrations of lead and zinc.

Spring Gulch Hazardous Mine Openings, California - AGS conducted abandonment and closure activities for several hazardous open mine shafts and adits. Work included an assessment of the underground workings, selection of waste rock for backfilling of shafts, site restoration, and revegetation.

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